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Mac & Mia – ultimate style for kids!

I’ve mentioned how much help I need in the styling department. I have no time to shop and when I have tried on the past, let’s be honest, Georgia is not really “into” the mall yet. It’s a struggle keeping her entertained in a stroller while trying to do anything productive and I usually wind up stressed out, having wasted several hours of the day and find myself in the food court, eating my feelings in Wetzel Pretzel while she runs around on the verge of a meltdown.

I love to dress Georgia up but I do sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to find cute outfits for the day-to-day routines.

A friend recently turned me on to Mac & Mia. Its an awesome curated style service where you take a style quiz and they create a personalized box of clothes and accessories – shipped right to you! Anything you don’t want, you send back (free!) and pay only for the stuff you like.

The boxes are fun to stand on too….!

No subscriptions – just high-quality clothes that are easily mixed and matched. Really loved trying this and found a few new brands too that I will now look out for.

Check out these cute pairings!

Cute, well made clothes + an easy way to shop and return things = less Wetzel, more sanity.

Use code YOLAKIN and get the $20 styling fee waived from your first box! (valid through 9/30)

Mommy’s little helper loves to unpack a box!

Christine Lakin

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