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Laundry… Part One of My New Love Affair

This blog is sponsored by Maytag ®. The content and opinions expressed here are that of my own.

When our son Baylor was born last fall, people told me lots of things about what to expect with a second child. Stuff like, “Boys are so sweet” and “It’s adorable to see your first born become a sibling” which all made me giddy inside at the thought of bringing another little into our tribe. However, the most consistent thing I heard was, “Two kids are a game changer.” Excuse me, I’m sorry, but having felt like nothing could be more of a “game changer” than going from the absolute freedom of no children and getting up at any hour I chose on a Saturday, to the all-in, both feet in the deep end of spit-up and parenthood. I laughed off these seemingly well-meaning proclamations.

Then we had Baylor.

Guys… newsflash! I was wrong. Two kids are a GAME CHANGER.

Yes, I knew how to breast feed and bathe an infant and not check 15 times a night to see if he was still breathing. But, I had no clue that juggling a toddler and a new baby would be so all consuming. So incredibly nutso on the mental chess game that comes with new schedules, old schedules, feeding, clothing, napping, pre-school drop off, etc. A new baby was, well, extra extra, as the kids say. And one of the biggest parts of that turned out to be laundry.

Why, for the love of god, did no one, in all their well-meaning advice, tell me that adding a second kid was going to TRIPLE our laundry?
Suddenly I needed to pop in loads multiple times a day just to keep up… and when the family started arriving for their visits to meet the new baby? Forget it! I was easily looking at 10 loads of sheets and towels mixed in with all of our usual stuff.

We revamped our whole laundry game and got a Maytag ® Front Load Washer with Extra Power. The Extra Power Button is EVERYTHING! Just pick your cycle- whether it be delicate, normal, heavy duty – and by pressing the Extra Power button, you are able to boost stain-fighting on any wash cycle.

Also, as a busy mom, I so often pop a load in, then do a billion other things and completely forget about it until the next day (sound familiar?). In the past, I’d open the washer door to half-wet clothes that I’d just have to wash again. Argh!  Great thing about this Maytag ® Front Load Washer, it has a 16 Hour Fresh Hold Option, which keeps clean clothes smelling fresh with the internal fan and intermittent tumbling that circulates air through clothes for up to 16 hours after the wash cycle ends. It’s like they realized I have pregnancy brain and they are literally just catering to it. I don’t want to get too intimate here but, Maytag, I think I love you.

Our complimenting Maytag ® Front Load Gas Dryer is a great partner to the whole laundry game — it also has the Extra Power Button which boosts drying power on any cycle (especially helpful for those large loads of towels or jeans). It also has Advanced Moisture that monitors inside moisture and air temperatures to evenly dry loads. Plus… it’s really quiet. Our laundry is now on the second floor – which is great – but it’s also in the hall right by our kids’ rooms. As any parent knows, doing laundry at night is many times your best bet to get anything clean. I can easily start and finish loads and not have to worry about waking my kids.

All in all, yes, a second kid is a total game changer. But with the right tools, you can keep winning at the game.  Make sure to check out the best Maytag washer and dryers for your family!

Christine Lakin

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