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Hear Me, Love Me, See Me – New series on TLC!

So very excited for my new gig as host of TLC’s blind dating show, “Hear Me, Love Me, See Me”!  The series airs this Saturday March 3rd at 10pm/9c on TLC right after “Say Yes to the Dress” (your other favorite guilty pleasure 😉

  This is a truly unique dating show   where our women looking for lovemeet three different guys- who arewearing body cams. So she can see everything about their lives, from where they live, to the kind of car they drive, their friends, co-workers, hobbies, pets, even parents (!), but not the guys themselves. (and the guys can’t see our girl either!)  As the wing woman, I get to guide our gals on their journey to find love and pick the guy she connects best with.

I loved getting to experience this “social experiment” as a fly on the wall and found it so interesting how we, in this digital day and age, tend to judge a book by it’s cover all too often. Once we took away what the other person looked like, it was incredible how quickly the conversation turned to deeper, more honest topics and how far these women went out on a limb to ask the tough questions that were usually reserved for the 10th date.

Here’s a recent interview I did with the Loesch Twins about the show and the whole process of dating blind.

Check it out Saturdays at 10pm/9c on TLC!~ xoxo


Christine Lakin

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