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Hair with Justin Anderson at DP Hue

As a busy mom, tending to my own grooming needs tends to go by the wayside. All too often I feel like I’ve woken up and suddenly have a Cruella de Ville grey streak running down the middle of my head.  Getting ready to start filming Season 2 of “Hollywood Darlings” this past fall, I had some serious work to do.
Thankfully Justin Anderson, blonde guru, helped me out. I had the most incredible visit with him at DP Hue in LA where he took me under his wing and brought me back to life! Love his technique, which you can see in this video here. Plus he’s just the nicest human around (what is it about a good hairdresser that makes you feel immediately comfortable and want to dish on everything from the best/worst reality shows to whether I’m really thinking about baby #2??)
Also, why is he so cute? #obsessed
 I left there feeling like I had made some time for myself and looking in the mirror, actually felt like myself again. Mamas, this is important. Take the time for yourself to feel good. For me, a little goes a long way. Just getting rid of those grays and brightening up my look put a spring in my step. I got to chat with adults, have a coffee, read a magazine and came home feeling ready to tackle motherhood and wifey roles.
Check out this video from his YouTube channel to see exactly the magic he performed on me – and Subscribe to learn a thing or two! Thank you Justin, you lovely, wonderful blonde magician!
Wanna see more photos of his rad work? Follow him here:

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