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Worst Ever Podcast with Rob Bagshaw

This week on the podcast, reality producer Rob Bagshaw shares his tales of behind the scenes producing on some of your favorite reality shows like "Project Runway All-Stars".Alaa with his nephew Asahd Khaled and BFF and Runway host Alyssa MilanoHe also gets real on how reality actually works, what producers look for and how to keep it classy in a genre built for drama. Plus, he has a real love/hate for Alaa and a beautiful British accent so of course I loved him right away.Enjoy! This week's episode sponsored by The Paleo Secret. Find out how...

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Worst Ever with Randee Heller and Lauren Frost

This week on Worst Ever, Alaa takes his former co-stars of the Barbara Streisand tour "Timeless" down memory lane. Lots of reminiscing about how they got the job, Babs stories, tour shenanigans and more. Here's me stepping in for Babs with a USB cord serving as my pearls. 😂 Episode link-

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Worst Ever Podcast with guest Tom Lenk!

My friend Tom Lenk is our guest this week on Worst Ever!  I’ve known Tom for 10 years back when we did theater in basements of Mexican restaurants, which is where you really learn stuff about your co-workers, and he’s one of the funniest, most creative friends I have.              Tom is an actor you would know from the cult-hit “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Broadway’s “Rock of Ages”, the movie “Argo” and currently his IG, which is hilariously amazing as he recreates celebrity fashion with shit he finds all over his house!!...

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