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Worst Ever Podcast with Alanna Ubach

This week on the podcast we chat with the hilarious Alanna Ubach. You would recognize Alanna from a million movies and TV shows, most recently Girlfriends Guide to Divorce on Bravo, but you probably also know her from Meet The Fockers and Legally Blonde, and Sister Act 2... the list goes on.




She is awesomely frank, super talented and even though this weeks episode is grotesquely long, I don’t care. I couldn’t cut anything because she just makes me laugh so much.


So take a walk or tune out your co-worker or put in earbuds and Mom hard at the park and ENJOY this one. Just try not to giggle to yourself too loud because… well, you may look cray-cray.


Link to this weeks episode:


… and after. Thanks for the kisses Alanna 💋


Also– a BIG Congratulations to Alanna and her husband on the birth of their baby BOY!! 👶🏼 (pride bassinet in full effect 🏳️‍🌈)


Christine Lakin

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