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Toddler Backyard transformation

I remember the days when I would fantasize about how to make our backyard the perfect party spot. Where the BBQ should go, making sure there was a good spot for the speaker and the fire pit… and the keg. Now our backyard is devoid of most of these things in leu of creating a perfect play space for my toddler Georgia.

In addition to some of our hand-me-downs from friends who have older kids, (yes, I love a gently used or recycled baby item and I’m not ashamed of it!) we got this amazing Step 2 Woodland Climber, water table and mini picnic table.

The backyard is still fit for a total rager… but now with goldfish and sippy cups.

Getting outside with my kid during the day is so necessary. I go crazy inside all day and having multiple spaces for her to explore and play with her little friends is awesome. (Especially if her friends’ moms enjoy a cheese plate and a glass of rose 😉

Christine Lakin

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