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Our home remodel… and the best room in the house

This blog is sponsored by  Maytag®. The content and opinions expressed here are that of my own.

My husband and I embarked on a huge home renovation project in 2015. I had owned our little 1950’s California Ranch Style House for over a decade and had made little upgrades here and there over the years. But as this home went from a bachelorette pad to our married house, we started thinking about how to make the two-bedroom, one bath work with the family we wanted to start.
Thankfully we started the project early. What began as a little idea to add a simple master bedroom, turned into a complete second story addition, including a full gut of the existing footprint. Geological surveys, topography surveys, architectural plans, design, city permits, sprinkler systems we didn’t know we’d have to install (California has lots of rules now about eco building and ensuring fire safety) and a year and a half later, we started demo.

It was a long process, I’m not going to lie. We moved out with our at the time 7-month-old Georgia to a rental and watched as our home got torn apart. It was traumatic at times. I had never done anything on a scale this big and let me tell you, watching every episode of Fixer Upper does NOT prepare you to make the hundreds of decisions we were now making and problems we were troubleshooting (and sometimes just throwing money at.) At one point, our little love nest had no roof and looked like a set from a movie- just three walls remained. Then a huge storm came through and cast rain and debris all over everything. The house we loved so much looked like a garbage heap. I thought, what the heck am I doing?! I got pits in my stomach when I went to see the house. I would start to sweat anytime the contractor called with news of a new issue. It was that “other full-time job” my husband and I now both had.

Yes, it was stressful. Sometimes it was mundane (hang out in a stone yard for a few hours and price flagstone in the heat of summer and it will make you rethink all your life choices), but sometimes it was also pretty fun. Especially when I got to design rooms I had thought about for years, like the laundry room. It was one of my favorite spaces we designed. I’ve talked about my obsession with laundry before and I’ve always wanted that specific space that wasn’t also cluttered with kitchen stuff, dog bowls and miscellaneous supplies.


We relocated the laundry to the second floor, which is a blessing to not have to cart all those kid clothes up and down stairs. My wish list included a flat space to fold and lay clothes to dry, storage for cleaning supplies and extra linens, bars to hang shirts and line dry items from and a sink for soaking. We figured out how to make all these things work in the little space we had designated and then our designer suggested we make these beautiful, large barn doors to roll closed over the space when it wasn’t in use. I love them! They are such a signature piece in our now open-concept home and a real statement – people always want to know what’s behind them.

We completed the laundry room with a Maytag Front Load Washer with Extra Power Button in a beautiful metallic slate color. I love the sleek design of this machine and all the options for various wash cycles… heavy duty, sanitize, towels, delicates. And the best part is the  , which boosts stain fighting performance on any wash cycle. This laundry set helps me tackle multiple laundry needs – I can throw the quilt in after the dogs have laid on it and then turn around and wash my delicates in the next load – the cycles are very versatile!

We also got the complimenting Maytag Front Load Gas Dryer with Extra Power Button. The Extra Power Button boosts drying power on any cycle by extending time, heat and tumbling. I love this feature, because one push helps prevent underdrying by getting thick fabrics, pockets and seams drier the first time, which is super helpful for when I’m drying my quilts and jeans!

Maybe it sounds crazy that our laundry room turned into the focal point of our house, but I think it’s pretty perfect. if you’re looking to upgrade your perfect space, now is a great time because…May is Maytag Month!! May 2nd through June 5th 2019, you can receive up to a $700 rebate by mail with the purchase of select Maytag Kitchen and Laundry appliances! Get shopping and visit !

So after nearly 16 months of construction, we moved back in and it was everything we hoped it would be and more. We picked every tile. Every knob. Every fixture and paint color and hook. We survived it as a couple and more importantly, as a family, and it was just in the nick of time, because I was nearly 5 months pregnant with my second child.  Would I do it again? Probably not. Joana Gaines, I am not, lol!  But it’s kind of like birthing a child… you forget about the pregnancy nausea, the back aches, the insomnia, even the pain of childbirth and sometimes I get that wild idea again that it “sounds fun”. So, I won’t put it off the table…but for now I’m just enjoying the new babies. All of them.



Christine Lakin

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