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Interior design with Living Spaces

As I’ve mentioned before, our home remodel was nothing short of a 3 year adventure in patience, money management and, by the end, sheer will. Living in our house for the last 16 months has brought a second wave trying to make it a home.

We teamed up with Living Spaces and with the help of our incredible designer friend Wayne Hueners (@_wayneframe_), we created something I’m so happy with. Elegant, yet comfortable and suitable for young kids and dogs. (No small feat!)

Some before and after pics below — read all about it on the Living Spaces blog I wrote! 


The living room “before”…    and after. Lucky dog 🙂

The Master Bedroom the day we moved in….







                … and now (in the “rose” spot, as I like to call it.

Christine Lakin

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