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I Mom So Hard

I’m a first time mom and I totally admit I haven’t figured this thing out totally yet. I know I love my kid more than anything and she changed my life for the better. Hands down. She’s made me see outside of myself, instilled patience and the curiosity in discovery again and certainly made me less tolerant of OPP.  (Throwing it back to the 90’s, that means Other People’s Problems… or as we might say these days, their drama. Ain’t no one got time for that!)

I’m lucky I have a weird job where some days or even weeks, I’m just with her. Granted, when I work it’s fully consuming and there are days I get up before she does and get home after she’s gone to bed, which is heart-wrenching. We don’t have any regular help, just a rolodex of sitters we love who help us from time to time. I’m happy I get to spend this precious time with her.  And also… dude, it’s hard.

I’m the first to admit I’ve called a friend at 3pm because I thought I was going to loose my mind and we’ve made plans to meet for happy hour. Half price beer down the street and some sweet potato fries for miss you know who? Sounds like a plan.

I underestimated the value of a mom tribe before I found myself in one. The group text chains I have with these girls keep me sane, make me belly laugh and just normalize all the insanity of toddler-life. Momm-ing can be isolating.  From the breast feeding in the beginning to the days at home trying to figure out what you haven’t played with a million times while a tiny dictator screams “SNAAAAA!” (translation: snack!) and you try to redirect that because I’m pretty sure three graham crackers is plenty right before dinner. Insert eye roll here.

I’m not perfect. Lord knows I’m far from it. But I do my best every day to be a friend, a parent, a teacher and sometimes a court jester just to keep it interesting. I try to plan a class or a playdate twice a week and a new museum or library event once a week. It helps me to know there are set activities to look forward to. Heck, the grocery store is an event around here. They give out free cheese samples. 🙂

Any activities you like to do with your kids?  Lay it on me!

1. The LA Zoo. It’s in the middle of Griffith Park and honestly it’s awesome. Like a zoo within a forrest. Even just to cruise around in the stroller, ride the carousel and let her wander in the aquarium/reptile house.

2. Happy hour. Whether you enjoy a half priced micro brew or an Arnold Palmer, this is a great excuse to take over a big booth while your local joint isn’t crowded, have some apps and let the kids play with spoons, use fries solely as conduits for sour cream and wave at the passerby while you get to stare into another adult’s eyes for an hour.

3. The park. An obvious choice but one with a tiny toddler park is a bonus for us right now. We love trying new ones. Also, we’re a dog house so the dog park is a pretty fun option too because she loves seeing all the other dogs. (*make sure you vet the park before you go and people are mindful not to bring aggressive dogs or it’s not overcrowded)

Christine Lakin

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