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Family Beach trip

While we were back on the east coast, we took a family beach trip down to Sea Island, GA. We stayed with one of my oldest and dearest friends Rebecca (whom I’ve known since 3rd grade!)

I just love it down there. Huge old oak trees, hanging with Spanish moss, warm calm water and more humidity than a steam shower in the jungle (which makes for awesome hydrated skin and questionable hair choices).

Humid is why I invest in a hat. (This one is by J.Crew)

My parents came down too and loved watching Georgia explore the beach and run all over the golf course. They have a bagpiper there at dusk and the kids basically exhaust themselves while parents partake in happy hour– definitely my kind of evening!

“Vacations” are vastly different now with kids and probably kids Georgia’s age specifically. They certainly aren’t the relaxing trips we once had. The amount of stuff we have to pack and keep organized alone could drive even Monica Gellar crazy. Not to mention the suicide watch over high profile items (like the favorite bedtime lamb) is tedious- hello constant packing and re-packing of bags. 🙄 Georgia loves the water but being around it means Brandon and I are constantly “on”, watching like hawks because she’s fast and fearless- goodbye poolside cocktails. 😏 I try to be flexible with schedule when we go places but still time must be made for naps, which means 2-3 hours leaving the beach fun- see ya spontaneity. 😝And of course having lots of entertainment options for the car trip home. (Thank god for iPads- judge me, I don’t care, but seseme street is the greatest show alive and most useful in a pinch)

Although we sometimes wonder whether we need a vacation from the vacation, I look back at all the pictures of how special the time is just being together and creating memories and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (But yes, Ill take that cocktail now 😉)

Christine Lakin

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