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Brown paper packages tied up with strings… these are a few of my favorite things!

I loooooove products. Who doesn’t? I have a bathroom vanity full of them and my husband is constantly mystified by my “hoarding” habit for all things beauty. I contend I need these things and truthfully, there isn’t a new product I would kick out of bed.

That being said, I do have my favorites – the tried and true that I just can’t quit and keep buying over and over and I thought I’d share them with y’all. *Disclaimer: I’m not paid by any of these companies, nor do they know I’m blogging about them — this is purely out of my love for these things and my want to share the love 😉

#1 Peter Thomas Roth Hyaluronic Cloud Eye Patches

My aunt, who is an esthetician, turned me on to these and they are a flat our miracle. I used them every morning before filming this season of Hollywood Darlings and they just help smooth all that makeup under the eyes and keep it looking fresh! Find it:

#2 Noriko Green Tea Mist

I use this every night after washing my face and before lotion. It’s all organic and very hydrating. Plus it smells really nice. No alcohol or other crap that strips the skin.  Find it:

#3 IS Clinical Skincare – The regimen

This whole line is great. Specifically I love the HydraCool serum, the Active Serum and the Daily moisturizer with SPF. I use the active serum a few times a week – helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles (has a tingly effect so you know it’s working). The Hydra Cool serum you can use every night- it’s great to combat free radicals, sunburned skin and provide moisture. The Extreme Protect is a great consistency under makeup and has tons of SPF.

Find it –

#4 Erbaviva Natural Spray Deodorant

I am a connoisseur of natural deodorants. I have tried Tom’s (doesn’t work), FatCo (too dry), some hippie balm from Whole Foods (smelled like I just walked out of Burning Man). This one is my tried and true. I am scared of harsh chemicals – even without aluminum, which we all know is a big no-no now. Erbaviva has an awesome line of natural products (I’ll do a post on their baby stuff soon) and the deodorant smells nice, works pretty well and just gets the job done. Yes it’s pricy but mine lasted me a year so… there’s that. Also available in a lemon sage scent!

#5 DP Hue Blonde Gloss

I recently had my hair colored with Justin Anderson (see post) and he turned me on to this color enhancing Gloss. Yes they have them for all shades, not just blonde, and it helps enhance the color and shine while also conditioning (love a twofer) and makes that color last just a little longer between processes. No ammonia – no peroxide. Just love! Okay, that might be a little overboard but I’m freaking kissing it so… my feelings for great products are overtly clear.

Find it:

What are your favorite products??

Christine Lakin

  • Marissa Pilant

    I am definitely going to have to try those eye patches! I am loving the Omega Treatment Oil by Nude. I use it at night and was worried about putting oil on my face. But it is soo light and just disappears and makes everything all soft. I also love the Glow Activating Serum by No7. I use it for during the day. Loving it so far!

    March 11, 2018 at 4:35 am Reply

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