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Babies, Babies, Babies

When you have a toddler and another one on the way… (omg, am I really typing that?)  the amount of stuff acquired is fierce. What to save, what to give away… what I love and the things I’ll never use again that will not be mentioned here lest I hurt their feelings.

As I’ve waxed poetic on my love for beauty products in an earlier post, I also have a deep love for baby sh*t that’s actually worth it’s weight. Without further ado… my few favorite things of the moment.

  1. Nanit Baby Monitor

This is the end all when it comes to baby monitors. I realized I was living in the dark ages with my last one. Not only can I monitor Georgia from ANYWHERE (out to dinner, across the country when I need just a little live fix), but it comes with a great app that tracks baby’s movements and sleep time. If you’re a type A mom (which I’m not really but I love a gadget) you can track and record their sleep patterns as they progress toward milestones. Plus it tells you the temperature in the room and lets you grant access to caretakers, grandparents, etc.

Did I mention you can also zoom in and take pics of your baby doing crazy things? I have to say it’s pretty funny to watch and listen to my husband put her down at night… turns out he’s pretty great at doing character voices when he reads, lol!

2. Pneumaboo Air Purifier & Odor Remover

These satchels are a 100% natural way to keep baby’s room and clothes free from odor, bacteria and other allergens. They are filled with active charcoal and are proven to absorb chemicals like VOC’s and formaldehyde.

I’ve got these all over Georgia’s room and use the little ones inside her drawers. There are tons of air fresheners on the market that, while they smell good, are full of chemicals and truly just masking what’s underneath.

3. Erbaviva Cradle Cap Oil

Georgia has always dealt with cradle cap. I’ve used various shampoos and leave in conditioners… nothing works. My friend Jamie turned me on to this awesome line (check out her holistic blog Wallace & James) and I used this ONCE and the problem we had for nearly two years literally went away overnight. It’s all natural and really effective.

4. Jujube Diaper Bag backpacks

Love these!! Now that I’m running after a toddler I can use a hands free solution more often than not. Also, backpacks are kind of back in vogue and JuJube makes them in so many patterns, they don’t even look like diaper bags. I wore one this season in Hollywood Darlings as my purse 😉 (Season 2 currently airing every Wednesday at 8/7c on Pop! Or stream us on YouTubeTV or download episodes on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon!!!)

Christine Lakin

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